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The Site Features Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Surrounding
Areas As They Are Today ...

ariel view riverhead
(Above) An ariel view of the town featuring the River Head and Frederick Ward Way.
corporation bridge-corporation road
Corporation Bridge across the Alexandra Dock. The bridge was built
to replace the exceedingly troublesome 1873 swing-bridge and
was designed by the Glasgow firm of Sir William Arrol & Co,
whose other works included the Forth Railway Bridge.
In civil engineering terms it is of considerable interest
as an early example of a rolling bascule construction.
the dock tower
The Dock Tower
Mystery Solved Regarding the subject on why the Dock Tower
was built on cotton wool, well the answer is because
when they dug down for the foundation it kept filling up
with sand and water. Then one person said why
not put some of those bales of wool,
which were in the dock side sheds,
to soak up the water?
So they tried it and it worked. The bales of wool were
about 4ft by 3ft and were in the transit sheds in the Royal Dock.
Cleethorpes Pier once went further out into
the sea but the end section was removed during
the war to prevent it's use by enemy troops for an invasion.
The Humber Bridge (above)
Until recently it was the longest single
span suspension bridge in the world. ...more
St James Church -St James Square
St James Church
Cox's fish and chip restaurant
Cox's famous fish and chip restaurant
Grimsby docks
The Grimsby Fishdocks
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