Bethlehem Street
Victoria Street-showing;Grimsby's main shopping street
Victoria Street.
The Yarborough hotel-Station Approach Freshney Place Shopping Centre

The Yarborough Hotel (above) situated at Station Approach/ Bethlehem Street.

Freshney Place Shopping Centre (right)

The Lincoln Castle-floating bar, retaurant Central Library-Bethlehem Street
The Lincoln Castle now a floating retaurant and bar but it once ferried passengers across the Humber between New Holland and Hull.
The main cenral library situated in Bethlehem Street.
The Naughtical School-Victoria Street,  The Naughtical School is to make way for a burger bar. Gone !   The former Naughtical School
The Nautical School in Victoria Street which was once where fishermen could learn their skills. The school has now gone (right) demolished to make way for a burger bar.
St James Church-St James Squarea Frederick Ward Way
St James Church situated in St James Square
The Town Hall Grimsby Railway Station
Grimsby Town Hall (above) and Grimsby's Railway Station (right) and The Tivioli Tavern in the Old Market Place.