Around Grimsby


Freshney Place shopping centre and the bus station (above)
A familiar sight on the Grimsby Skyline
The Anglian Water Tower near Littlefield Lane, which is soon to be demolished.
A tranquil view of the Riverhead which was once seething with shipping and port activity.
The Floating Barge Pub berthed at the River Freshney
Hainton Square and Freeman Street (Holme Hill School Can Just be seen top right)
An ariel view showing the Alexandra Dock, Victoria Mills, the Dock Tower and the Telegraph offices can just be seen in the distance.
The Police Station in Victoria Street
Famous for it's Crinkley Chips, Smiths of Yarborough road
Always a favourite, The Windmill at Waltham


Capital of the Wolds

One of England's priceless jewels - an unspoilt historic Market Town in the finest tradition.


One of Louth's picturesque little streets - St James church can be seen in the background
Louth in Lincolnshire's Poacher Country is an undiscovered treasure and the perfect place for a great holiday.
Shopping in Louth
Besides the pretty little shops, Louth also boasts an outdoor and indoor market.
Market days Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Note: Most shops close early on a Thursday.
Further information on Louth;
Louth Tourist Information Centre
Tel/Fax (01507) 609289
Final note: Louth has a style of shopping that seems to have disappeared from many towns.
Locals take it for granted and are not fully aware of how rare their daily shopping experience is.